Organic cotton traditional oilskin - gold - fra Merchant & Mills, selges pr 0,5 m

"Vanlig" oilskin. Dette stoffet vil få bretter, merker og nydelig patina når det brukes Vi bretter stoffet når vi sender (med mindre du ønsker det rullet. Legg ved notat i handlekurven.)

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The real thing – best quality traditional oilskin made in the UK, finished to age and wear beautifully.

Golden yellow. Ideal for bags and accessories and particularly fab for an outdoor Top 64 and Landgate top.

  • 150cm wide.
  • 11.94oz /405gsm.
  • GOTs certified organic cotton.
  • Made in the UK.
  • A blend of oils and petroleum-based waxes are impregnated into the fiber and saturates the cloth, so the performance relies on a traditional wax/water resist application.
  • Do not iron, just finger press.
  • Not washable but can be re-oiled.
  • Do not use any interfacing with this type of oilskin.
  • We recommend sewing with a denim needle and 100% poly thread.
  • Thread match Gutermann Sew All 124.


Please note this is our new line of oilskin which is slightly heavier than our older oilskin. (405gsm).